About Us

Clawson Field Services, LLC is a leader in providing quality mortgage field services for the industry’s most respected mortgage servicers.   Founded by sisters Christine A. Clawson and Patricia E. Clawson in 2009, CFS is both family owned and operated, and has been certified as a Woman Owned business through the Florida Office of Supplier Diversity.

Advanced Technology

CFS utilizes the most advanced technology available; this technology is both used in the field as well as in the office.  Our Field Agents use integrated mobile devices that are enabled to receive and report inspection results in real time, providing an advantage when performing timely rush inspections.  Our web based infrastructure promotes CFS’ expansion into new territories and facilitates seamless team management.

Strong Field Agent Network

CFS believes that our Field Agents are integral to our success. We take pride and attribute much of our success to the strong relationships we have developed with our extensive network of Field Agents. In an industry known for its high turnover rate of Field Agents, CFS is proud of its low turnover rate, a testament to its management, training and rewards programs.  CFS requires all Field Agents to be incorporated and insured.